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Ryan Novak, MD, PharmD

Ryan Novak, MD, PharmD


Born and raised in the renowned city of Austin, MN, the birthplace of Hormel Foods and the iconic SPAM, Dr. Ryan Novak’s roots run deep within the Midwest.

Dr. Novak’s academic journey began in Austin, attending the local community college, and culminating with the completion of his undergraduate studies at the prestigious University of Minnesota. His commitment to medical excellence was evident when he earned his PharmD degree from the same institution in 2004. Demonstrating an indomitable spirit of dedication, Dr. Novak managed to juggle his responsibilities as an outpatient pharmacist while pursuing his medical degree. In 2008, he achieved another significant milestone by earning his MD from the University of Minnesota.

Taking his passion and expertise eastward, Dr. Novak completed his urology residency training at the esteemed Ohio State University in 2013. His commitment to serving communities led him back to his beloved Minnesota, where he practiced as a dedicated solo urologist in Grand Rapids for a decade (2013-2023).

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Novak is a devoted husband and a proud father to three boys. Together with his wife, they have built a life and legacy rooted in both medical excellence and familial commitment.

Embracing a new adventure and chapter in his life, Dr. Novak has recently joined the Alii Health Center on the Big Island of Hawaii. He’s thrilled to bring his vast experience and patient-centric approach to the Aloha State, as he begins this exciting new journey in the Pacific paradise. For those seeking expertise, compassion, and comprehensive urological care, Dr. Novak embodies a blend of Midwest values and top-tier medical training, now combined with the serene backdrop of Hawaii.

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